Welcome to the salon and relaxation area Elodie coiffure

Mixed haircut and hairstyle

For the young and the big, the colorful and the permanent ones, the punks and the sophisticated, the crepe of the buns and the beautiful ripples, the bald and the bearded...

Barber with classic or modern cut, old-fashioned shaving

Classic or modern cut, old-fashioned shave or full beard, moustache or goat... In short there is for all tastes! 

Hair SPA, recipe for a relaxing moment with essential oils

Recipe for a relaxing moment: essential oils, private cabin, scalp modeling, shampoo and treating treatment.

Information about the hair salon near champagne caskets in Sarry


Anyone staying at the JANENQUELLE can benefit from a 10% discount

Lounge hours

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-6.30 pm

Wednesday 9am-12pm

Saturday 9am-4pm